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Author Topic: What needle length dermaroller for turkey neck?  (Read 15067 times)


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What needle length dermaroller for turkey neck?
« on: January 22, 2010, 01:15:52 PM »
> What size dermaroller would you recommend I purchase to roll my turkey

    > neck area.  I'm a 51 year old female, and wasn't sure if I should order the

    > 1.5mm or 1mm needle length.


        A dermaroller cannot fix significantly sagging skin, but itr can improve the skin texture and mild skin laxity. However, if there is serious excess skin on your neck, then you need a necklift.


If your skin is only mildly lax then use a 1 mm dermaroller (every two weeks) and apply some tightening creams right after rolling. Dermarolling highly enhances the absorption of any skin products, so that should be a good combo.

    You should also apply a homemade vit. C serum on your neck. Read our detailed instructions on how to make it and how to roll:




    If rolling is too painful for you, you can numb it with an icepack or buy a numbing cream such as EMLA. We sell EMLA or you can buy it OTC.


                Pricking the skin with needles will trigger your own collagen production and that collagen will stay. Contrary to fillers such as Restylane that people get injected by a doctor to fill their wrinkles. Those fillers have an immediate effect but our body slowly eliminates them  - that's why they have to be re-injected all the time. If you manage to produce your own collagen by dermarolling, it will stay.


        If you get some "hollow" places on your face caused by receding fat - as we age we are losing fat from our skin - a dermaroller cannot fix it. Then you really need some fillers to be injected to the hollow areas where the fat has gone missing - such as under the eyes.