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Author Topic: New to dermarolling.  (Read 7735 times)


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New to dermarolling.
« on: January 24, 2010, 09:04:47 PM »
Hi, I've bought a dermaroller with 1.5mm needle; I used it once with light to moderate pressure (no blood) on new stretchmarks on the neck, and then again one week later, more aggressively (now there was a little blood in 2 spots).

Now, 3 days later, the marks look more noticable than before! :eek: I think I rolled too early on after previous session(?). Anyhow, my question is this:  how long should I wait in between sessions? I think I've read here that at least 3 weeks are needed.

Also, what cream should I use afterwards and do you sell yours abroad?

thanks for any answer! I feel pretty bad about these stretchmarks now :(


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New to dermarolling.
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2010, 03:14:18 AM »
Hi Rollin,

It's indeed correct that you should wait at least three weeks in between rolling the same skin with a 1.5 mm dermaroller.

It is normal that stretchmarks or scars first look worse before they look better. All kinds of processes happen in the skin, after rolling. Discoloration, peeling, swelling, creation of new skin cells, increased blood flow, mild inflammatory reaction etc. I can reassure you that unless you have a very rare genetic skin disorder (easy scarring), your marks will look better or at least the same after about ten days to two weeks. So don't despair. Wait four weeks now, and let us know here how the look of your marks is improving in the meantime. A 1.5 mm roller is a powerful, but "invasive" medical instrument and therefore, plastic surgeons warn people not to use it for home-rolling, exactly because there is so much conflicting advice on the Internet on how often one should roll, how one should roll, what creams to use etc.

So by all means use a 1.5 mm roller, but use it wisely.. It takes a lot of patience due to the requirement of only-once-a-month but it gets at the skin layers that need to be stimulated and therefore it really works. Those thousands of pricks first need to heal, then new collagen and elastin needs to grow, and when everything is 100% healed and regenerated, you can start the process again. In between, you can roll with a 0.2 mm roller, to enhance  skincare products penetration. The months will finally have passed and you will see great results, but expect to wait ten months to be able to say: "Wow - do you see the difference with the photo ten months ago!". Of course we have a commercial enterprise, but we're not looking to get rich. No hype from us, no quick results, no dozens of fake testimonials either. Our advice is based on digging through medical literature (we will post links on this forum to all kinds of publications soon, however be advised that it is tedious stuff).

About the cream: I of course advise to use our ointment. An ointment is oil-based and occludes the skin after rolling (occlusion means preventing oxygen - a potent oxidant - from entering and preventing moisture - that keeps the cells alive - from escaping). This is very important, after rolling. Apart from being occlusive, our ointment contains a good form of vit. A for dermarolling aftercare. Not the too acidic Retinoic Acid, but Retinol Acetate. That makes our ointment suitable for use against first degree burns. Open skin should not be exposed to acids - as we know, acids etch away living tissue!

Our ointment also contains vit. D2, important for collagen and elastin production. Hunting for the right ointment was not easy because many contain unwanted ingredients such as Zinc (Zinc dehydrates the "open" skin too much). We only found the ointment we were looking for in the Czech Republic of all places.. Interesting, innovative country by the way - they used to be the most liberal and most hi-tech member of the countries behind the Iron Curtain. They do sell abroad, the actual ointment is quite cheap but they charge around 18 Euro to ship it. That's more than 25 USD. We buy 500 at a time to keep our retail price low, and we ship for much less. You won't need lots of the ointment because it is not absorbed by the skin - so you only need a very thin film. It's very soothing and does not cause irritation, it prevents the skin from drying out and peeling. Ointments, compared to creams, are a bit sticky and take some wiping to remove, but if you want to be beautiful, you have to suffer :)

Yes, we send worldwide and we sell our ointment ("Infadolan") separately here:



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New to dermarolling.
« Reply #2 on: January 25, 2010, 07:16:21 AM »
Thank you so much for your thorough and helpful answer. Waking up the marks are already ever so slightly less irritated than yesterday; I thought I also saw apperance of new marks then (which made me quite depressed), but I realise now that they were most likely already there only that they had no colour (on an area that normally has little colour anyways) so I didn't notice them. It's like the skin, upon very close inspection, is filled with many very very tiny stretchmarks in that area besides the "big" ones.

I don't have any genetic skin-condition whatsoever and I certainly don't scar easily at all (for example from Acne or shaving-cuts)... well apart from stretchmarks I suppose, which I got a few of on my legs when I was a teenager; however my brother got a lot of stretchmark (and I mean BIG stretchmarks) during his puberty, so that's always been a thing I've been slightly afraid of (he was quite fat though back then, mind you). I didn't think I'd get any more at age 22 but here we are... I think it's likely a combination of me starting to work out again + not enough vitamines in my diet that contributes to this.

Can I also buy the vitamine-C "stuff" from here when I buy the ointment?

and thanks for a very thorough guide to rolling, that I just found; lots of conflicting advice on the internet as you say, and yours is the first I really feel like I can trust!