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Author Topic: Single-needling depressed facial scars  (Read 6782 times)


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Single-needling depressed facial scars
« on: January 26, 2010, 06:09:07 PM »
> I have three depressed facial scars I want to needle with a single

    > needle.  My dermaroller just does not go  down into the scar where it

> needs to go to be effective.  How deep should I go?

> I was thinking 1.5mm deep.  What do you think?  Any advice?


  Individual depressed scars are an ideal target for treatment with the single needle.

  I advise you to start with about 1 mm deep pricks and you see how it goes. Next time you can go deeper. Prick the scar from various angles. Pinpoint bleeding is OK. If you get some pinpoint bleeding it means you are in the dermis layer of the skin and that is your target. Pinpoint bleeding is the limit. Do not go deeper.


  Don't prick more frequently than once every month (the same scar) and be patient.


  You will not see any change after just one or two months.


  To fill the indented scar, a lot of collagen is needed and it will take a long time to achieve it but it is possible.