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Author Topic: Few questions regerding to the dermaroller for stretch marks  (Read 6564 times)


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Few questions regerding to the dermaroller for stretch marks
« on: February 26, 2012, 12:50:49 PM »
H i!

First, i'm apologize for my spelling.i'm not an english speaker.

Secondly, i will be thankfull if you answer to the following questions:

1. Is it safe to use the 1.5 mm dermaroller for stretch marks 5 times a week on a slight pressure? i use it only to open my pores, so the absorption of my lotions will be better and more effective (it's actaully doing the same action as the 0.5 mm). I'm not using a numbing cream and there is no sign for blood after i roll but the areas become red. Furthermore, i don't think that i'm reaching to the dermis layer, so would it be o.k to use the 1.5 mm on a slight pressure more frequency?

2. I noticed that after few times that i rolled (at those time i rolled it aggressively one time a week/one time in 2-3 weeks). my skin became darker. I have a brown skin, but the patrs that i rolled became browner. What can i do? Is it going to heal and return to it's natural color with time? can i continue rolling on those areas (bassicly all the areas that i have stretch marks on)?and again, by saying "rolling" i mean to a slight rolling few times a week.

3. Overall, what is your best advice for using the dermaroller for stretch marks? in 2 months it's summer time in my country, so i would be thankfull if you can give me some good tips to eliminate those stretch marks.

Waiting for your answers,

Thank u so much!


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Few questions regerding to the dermaroller for stretch marks
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2012, 02:09:22 PM »
1. To improve stretch marks, you have to reach the dermis. Stretch marks are deep.

  Skin lotions are not going to improve stretch marks, unfortunately. If you use almost no pressure, you can use a 1.5 mm for skin care products absorption but you should wash and disinfect the roller so that it is not full of skin residues and bacteria from when you roll deeply every three weeks.



2. The hyperpigmentation is only temporary, however it can take long time to disappear in some cases:


  Rolling aggressively once a week with a 1.5 mm roller is way too frequently.


  Give your skin a rest before you restart rolling.


3. For the best results, dermarolling of stretch marks with a regular dermaroller should be combined with the intensive methods: Single needling or/and the one liner dermaroller. The fewer the needles a dermaroller has, the deeper they penetrate. A 1.5 mm one liner penetrates deeper than a regular 1.5 mm dermaroller.


  The best method is described here. Use either a one liner dermaroller or the single needles:


  Why Tretinoin cream (we sell it):


  What to expect: