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Author Topic: Can dermarolling prevent future stretchmarks?  (Read 3877 times)


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Can dermarolling prevent future stretchmarks?
« on: February 08, 2010, 05:39:21 PM »
>Can rolling reduce the likelihood of getting any further stretchmarks in

>the future ie in pregnanay or is it a case of once you get stretchmarks no

>matter what you are prone to getting more?

    The exact underlying cause of stretchmarks is not fully known. Most pregnant women get them but some don't and nobody seems to know why. There likely is a strong hormonal factor.

     The preventative effect of a dermaroller in stretchmark formation has not yet been studied, AFAIK.

          You can try supplying vit. C to your skin and dry massage it and use skin creams that you think might be useful (I cannot comment on the efficacy of any creams) but nothing is known to be able to guarantee a stretchmark-free pregnancy. There currently is no known method to prevent stretchmarks formation in pregnancy.

You might want to read this article:

Predicting stretch marks

  A researcher from the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto says he has found a way to predict years in advance whether a woman will develop stretch marks after giving birth, and is working on promising "pre-emptive" remedies for the unsightly wrinkles.”